Helping Cancer Patients Find Clinical Trials



Every day, researchers are discovering new strategies in the fight against cancer. In this

rapidly changing environment, cancer patients and their families need – and deserve –

accurate, complete information about available treatment options, including clinical

trials. While thousands of cancer patients across the United States receive amazing care

every day from dedicated oncologists and cancer care professionals, no one can possibly

know everything about treating a particular form of cancer.


The goal of Rachel’s Registry is to make information about current cancer clinical trials

easier to find. We have painstakingly sorted through the available information on the

Internet to publish a comprehensive list of healthcare facilities and other institutions

offering cancer clinical trials. This site is a resource not only for patients and their

families, but also for oncologists and anyone involved in caring for cancer patients.

We hope that using Rachel’s Registry will save you hours of research time – and make

a positive difference in your cancer treatment.