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About Rachel

The Inspiration Behind Rachel’s Registry


Rachel was beautiful, intelligent and fun-loving - she was an incredible daughter, sister and an amazing friend.  This Website is dedicated to her memory.

When she became ill, Rachel had just graduated from

college and embarked on the transition into adulthood.

An excellent student, she had high aspirations, hoping

to work in the public relations field for a professional

sports franchise. She had taken a retail management

position and was a hard worker, but she always made

time to go out and have fun with her friends and make

the most of every day. Also, Rachel’s love for animals

was unsurpassed.


In 22 years, Rachel created many wonderful memories,

and she could always be found in the middle of any photo with a big smile on her face.

After her diagnosis, Rachel accepted the news with grace and committed herself to fight the cancer with everything she had – and if you knew Rachel, you knew that was a great deal. Sadly, the disease ultimately proved too much for her.


Rachel helped others and touched many lives during her short time with us, blessing all who knew her with her loving spirit. She would be pleased to know that this Web site exists to honor her memory, and that it will help others like her who must endure a very difficult journey through cancer treatment.